Bradenton Real Estate and Title Insurance Attorneys

Real estate can be one of life’s most important investments, so it’s only common sense to hire the experienced attorneys to protect your real estate assets. Our law firm represents buyers and sellers, investors, land developers, and financial institutions on all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions.  When consumers think about “real estate” they most often associate it with only the structures on a piece of land.  However the area of real estate law also encompasses the interests, benefits and rights associated with owning that piece of property.  The real estate attorneys at Harrison & Kirkland, P.A. will provide legal guidance in a variety of issues that may arise during a real estate transaction, including zoning ordinance violations, variances, subdivision law matters and contract disputes.

Real Estate and Title Insurance Services

  • Builder and Broker Agreements
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Condominium and Homeowner Declarations and Documentation
  • Commercial Transactions (purchases and sales)
  • Homeowner and Condominium Association Matters
  • Land Development
  • Loan and Mortgage Closings
  • Residential Mortgage Closings
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Residential Transactions (purchases and sales)
  • Title Insurance
  • Title, Property and Contract Disputes

Protect Your Real Estate Investment – Title Insurances

Many consumers don’t realize title insurance agents do not represent the parties to a closing, but rather simply effect the closing and issue the title policies. Realtors may understand the legal language of the contract, but, by law, they are not allowed to explain the legal ramifications to you. Even though a real estate lawyer is not required to handle a real estate transaction, the benefits of having legal representation to review and interpret your contract are immeasurable.

Harrison & Kirkland issues title insurance policies for residential and commercial transactions through the following companies:

  • Chicago Title Insurance Company
  • Stewart Title Guarantee Company
  • Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
  • Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

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